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Softball tips on how to play first base
October 8, 2012
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October 11, 2012


Infield Position Play – Second Base

With Mike Candrea

This softball second base practice drills video is one in our continuing series of videos featuring former USA Olympic softball coach Mike Candrea.

In this video Coach Candrea focuses on drills that help those who play second base improve at making the double play, especially the footwork needed to make the throw to second.

Olympic stars Leah O’Brien-Amico, and Lovieanne Jung help with the demonstration.



More second base drills and tips

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Tim Walton: Infield and Outfield Skills & Drills (DVD)

Tim Walton Infield and Outfield Skills & Drills DVD)

Tim Walton, University of Florida Head Coach, knows how to maximize his fielders’ performance and has a record setting 70-win season to prove it. With the help of his Assistant Coach Jenny Gladding, Walton shows you an extensive list of drills they use to get the most out of their infield and outfield. Ground balls, short hops, double plays, bunts, plays at the plate, deep fly balls, drop steps and plays off the wall are just some of the skills and exercises Walton delivers.

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